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  1. This web site has bought back so many happy memories I worked on the Queen Mary in 1965-66 as a hairdresser . It was an amazing experience . I have been on the Queen Mary in Long Beach several times which was very nostalgic .

  2. Hello! Is there a blog or mail group I can join to follow any discussions/remembrances your members might be conducting? I volunteered onboard QM in 2002, helping stuff envelopies, inventory glassware, etc. and developed a great love for the ship and the people who made her hum. Thank you.


    Hello Janice, Thank you for contacting our Webb Site.Sorry but no blog site at the moment,Im hoping to start up a page later this year, but please feel free to put any comments about QM on this page, Thanks Keith ( webb-site manager )

  3. Hello there ,

    I wonder if you could help me. My grandad served on the QM as a steward in the late 40’s and 50’s starting with bringing the troops back to the US. His name was Edgar (Ed) Phillips and I wondered if anyone knew him or had any pics of him during that period. He spent the war on the oil tankers across the Atlantic and went onto the QM after the war.

    I would would be grateful if you could put me in touch with any links to alumini to the QM.

    thanks in advance.

    David Mead

    A proud grandson.

    Hello David,

    Thank you for getting intouch with us Sorry its taken me so long to answer I appologise to you. At the next meeting i will ask about your Grandfather There are still alot of x stewards that gather im one. and some of them have a great memory for names, im not one.

    You are always welcome to come to any of our meetings, QMA is open to all enthusiasts of RMS Queen Mary.

    Thanks again. Its would be nice to meet a Proud Grandson. Keith Lloyd Web Manager

  4. Hello !, i was trying to find some old reasturant staff pictures , my father served on the queen mary, and with failing health and mind, i was trying to find something or anything from hes time at sea that would bring back some good memories for him. i would be most gratefull if anyone could help me with this, he served between 1950, 1953 think 51, 52 but not sure, as i said before i would be most gratefull for anyhelp at all, kindest regards laura mccarthy

  5. Hi
    Can anyone help. Relatives of mine surnamesWebb (Albert/Bert) or Richard Bowen and Petrie/seemingly all servided on the Queen Mary as stewards or aide de camps. Is there a list of crew members. Many thanks Anna

  6. Hi – My name is Chris Hammond and I’m a retired Capt with British Airways. Years ago, Oct 31 1967 to be precise, whilst training at the College of Air Training at Hamble – on the Solent – myself and colleagues were privileged to perform an unofficial fly-past as the QM left Southampton for the last time.

    To cut a very long story short, my partner and I found ourselves in Long Beach this week, and although I’ve been onboard before for the liquid brunch, she hadn’t. She’s a true lover of things Art Deco so on we went.

    During our explorations we came across the senior crew cabins. On the wall of the Chief Engineers cabin was screwed a what seemed original framed print of Boston Stump, the huge church in my home town. This made me very curious so I tried to find out more. I THINK the last CE was a John Smith but that’s all I know … If that’s true. It’s not necessarily him who had it put there but somebody did, and I wonder why. It’s not a famous print so somebody caused it to be there with connections to Boston.

    I’m just wondering if anybody at your end would have a clue? It’s invaded my mind and I can’t think of who else to ask.

    It’s melancholic going round the old girl and a lick of paint would help, but she’s still there and obviously much loved locally.

    Many thanks.


  7. Hi
    Sorry unable to help.
    But you mentioned your occupation and wonder if you could help. A distant relation was an air line stewardess in England. Do you know where any records could be located.
    Probably 1940s. No idea what airline. Name Eileen WEBB from bournemouth or Dorset.
    I live near Helensburgh. The Hill House/art deco paradise. Thanks Anna

  8. Hi Anne – the only place to start I can think of is the BA museum people below. It used to be run by a guy called Howell Green, an ex-steward himself. They have some records via photos etc going back to the days after the war when airlines such as BSAA (British South American Airways) started. That eventually got absorbed into BOAC which I started with as a Second Officer. Many others became part of today’s BA.
    Try them first.

    All the best


  9. My dad, Malcolm Rowlatt, served on the Queen Mary as part of his National Service in the early 1950’s. He was Chief Engine Room Officer. Sadly, dad passed away 27/1/2016 and one of the requests he asked of me was to try and trace one of his old mates who served with him at the time by the name of Alf Robson and to pass on the message ‘Good bye to Old Shipmates’.
    It is quite possible that Alf has now passed on but if there is anyone out there who can help, perhaps I could see that his family receive dads message.

    Many thanks


  10. I stumbled across this website after seeing the BBC documentary on the Queen Mary. My dad, Colin Western was a steward on board in the 1950s. He had many a tale to tell, most of which I can’t remember now. Sadly my dad passed away in 2005, but he spoke of great fondness of his time in the Merchant Navy. Looking at some of the old photos he must have had a fantastic time travelling around the world, but to me when ever I think of my dad and the Merchant Navy I only think of the Queen Mary


  11. My dad passed away this time last year. He , too , served on the Queen Mary as an Engine room Officer in the mid 1950’s. Perhaps even at the same time as your dad! I loved listening to all his old stories and I remember when I was very young my mum and dad going to the farewell ball when She was sold to the Americans. It is on my bucket list for me and my husband to go and stay on The Queen Mary when we retire. dad also served on the Strathmore and the Queen Elizabeth, but like you when I think of dad in the Merchant Navy I only think of the Queen Mary.


    Jeni Peart

  12. Looking to see if anyone is still around that sailed on the final voyage to Long Beach. My father in law, Daniel Kerr now aged 86, (Ireland) was a Steward / Waiter / Deck Steward and would love to hook up with any former shipmates. He was on the ship between 1956 and 1967 and hopes to travel to Long Beach later this year with his daughters to see the QM one last time.

  13. Hello,

    My name is Nicole Strickland and I am an avid RMS Queen Mary fan and enthusiast, having researched the liner for 12 years. There is something just incredible about Mary!

    I have written two books about the ship, which are sold aboard in her many gift stores.

    I am working on a unique book about the RMS Queen Mary, something that I have wanted to write ever since I first stepped aboard and fell in love with her.

    This book will feature the sailing stories, accounts and experiences of Queen Mary crew, passengers, WWII veterans and war brides. This is my way of honoring all those who sailed aboard this legendary ocean liner.

    If you are interested in being interviewed for inclusion in the book, please email me at

    Thank you again for your time. Long live the Queen!

    Nicole Strickland

    • Hi Ralph, my great uncle was a lift operator on the Queen Mary for over 20 years his name was James Frederick Gibbons. He worked well into his 60s and had a limp. Do you recall him? My email address is I live in Perth Australia.
      Kindest regards

      Jason St Martin

  14. Hello, I am currently writing a book about Boiler and Engine Room crew of steamships. This site has already provided me with the contact information of former engineers, and a fireman. I was wondering if there are also any former Greasers that would like to share their story with me.

    Also, any other former firemen or engineers who may not have received my initial message from earlier this year.

    Thank you so very much!

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