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Hello Everyone Over the years people have asked me “where did Cunard get the names of their ships from”They came from Roman provinces or towns within the Roman Empire such as…

1/  MAURETANIA is the Mediterranean coast of Morocco and Algeria

2/ FRANCONIA is the land of the Franks (French) around Strasbourg and Frankfort including all the lands of the Rhine in Germany and the French of Alsace-Lorraine, Moselle, Luxemburg, and Belgium

3/SAXONIA, Saxony, the home of the Saxons. In Roman times they were in the area around Lubeck and Kiel on the Jutland Peninsular between Hamburg and Denmark now the state of Schleswig Holstein. They moved about and now Saxony and Lower Saxony reach  from the Czechoslovakian border. Almost to the North Sea. Dresden  the capital is on the headwaters of the river Elbe so the Saxons are still connected to Hamburg which is a city state in Lower Saxony. Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony.

4/Media, Persia, now the area of central Iran south of the Caspian Sea.

5/Parthia, All of Persia, Iraq and Mesopotamia. The Parthians were a hard bunch of fighters and gave the Romans a run for their money

6/Scythia, Scythians were nomadic tribes of horsemen roaming from today’s Kazakhstan to Romania,they eventually settled in the Crimea,the Ukraine,Moldova and Romania. They were “hard knockers”than the Parthians

7/Ivernia, the ancient lyric (arty) name for Ireland.

8/Sylvania, Probably Transylvania on the Russian -Hungary birder but we are not sure so keep the garlic handy.

9/Carmania, Persia-Iran opposite Bandar-el-Abbas on the Straights of Hormuz and Oman

10/,Lusitania, Modern day Portugal

11/,Laconia,Greece, Sparta,Known in ancient times as Lacedaemon

12/,Samaria, central Palestine including part of Israel, main towns Tel Aviv and Nablus

13/, Lucania. Southern Italy fro Naples to the Straits of Messina.

14/, Bactria, Afghanistan , founded by Alexander the Great, home of the two humped camel.

15/, Ascania, Prussia, Berlin, founded by Albrecht de Bar (Albert the Bear) Mark (Duke) of Brandenburg. Ascania was the family name. They later became Roman (German) emperors.

16/, Bosnia, used to be Yugoslavia now the independent of Bosnia Herzegovina.

17/, Carinthia, in the Austrian Tyrol near Wolfsburg and Klagensburg.

18/, Alsatia, North-eastern France the province of Alsace next to Germany.

19/, Phrygia, Turkey opposite Constantinople, ruled by King Midas who`s touch everything to gold including his food….so he starved.

20/, Caronia, old Roman town in Sicily now being excavated by archaeologists.